I'm Damien Pobel and welcome to my personal homepage. Yeah, I know this sounds very like the 90s, but this page is really my space mostly with my blog and my résumé.

I'm also spread all over the Internets under variations of the nicknames dpobel and tigrou (that's a long and uninteresting story...):

  • @dpobel for a lots of things, like ranting, rambling, grumbling, moaning and sometimes sharing interesting things
  • dpobel on Github because that's a professional tool and because I'm a geek (maybe not in this order)
  • tigrou on 500px trying to take Photos but at the moment I'm unsure of the success in that quest
  • TiGr0u on Last.fm for Rock'n Roll!
  • dpobel on instagram well because it's fun ;-)
  • dpobel on Linkedin to receive news from people I've never met, I don't know or I don't remember ;-)
  • +DamienPobel to... I don't really know these days
  • and a few others...