eZ Publish Public API at the eZ Summer Camp 2013

Still in Bol at the a href="http://20123.ezsummercamp.com"eZ Summer Camp, the serious business started yesterday for me with the a href="http://2013.ezsummercamp.com/program/using_the_public_api<Paste">Using the eZ Publish Public API workshop. a href="http://dpobel.github.io/slides-ez/public-api.html"The slides are available online on my github pages and the a href="https://github.com/dpobel/SummerCamp2013PublicApiBundle"SummerCamp2013PublicApiBundle is also available on my github account. This repository has two branches:

  1. In the master branch, you can find the exercices
  2. workshop_solutions contains the solutions

so you can try to do the proposed tasks or directly look at the diff if you are lazy ;-)