the author

I'm a software engineer interested in the web and open technologies. If you want to learn more about my professional skills and background, please have a look on my curriculum vitæ (or its french version).

In the real life, I like sports (mountain bike, table tennis, ...), I try to take photos and I'm also the happy dad of two cute little girls called Charline and Clémentine. I live in a small french village called St Paul de Varax.

the content

Unless otherwise noted, the content is published under the license Creative Commons by-sa 3.0. For any usage beyond this license, feel free to contact me by email.

I write things online since 2006 on a lots of different topics, sometimes in French, sometimes in English. You can have a quick overview of the different topics by looking at the good old tag cloud.

Disclaimer: any viewpoints and opinions expressed in this website are purely PERSONAL, and thus do NOT reflect those of my employer or any entity associated with me.

this website

This website is built with Metalsmith and a few others tools and services. The icons were taken from Simple Icons projects. The whole source code is on Github in dpobel/damien.pobel.fr repository.