Lead Developer
Full Stack Software Engineer


I have fifteen years of professional experience during which I was system administrator, expert in the technical department of an IT service company and software engineer. I am still heavily interested in technical challenges, I like to solve complex problems and to contribute to the creation of effective, useful and usable softwares with a focus on the quality, the maintenability and the team work.

In a few words (non-exhaustive list, open to other technologies):

  • JavaScript
  • Web Standards / HTML5 / CSS
  • PHP
  • Open source
  • Symfony
  • CMS
  • User Interface
  • GNU/Linux
  • git
  • Polymer
  • Web Component
  • Mobile
  • Agile / Scrum / Kanban
  • React / Redux
  • Unit tests / Behavior-driven development (BDD)

Professional experiences

Since January 2018

Lead Developer at (Lyon, France)

  • Technical design and development of a Single Page Application based on React / Redux and a REST API written in PHP
  • Strengthening and setup of software development good practices: automated testing, code reviews, dependency injection, agility…
  • Management of a team composed of 10 persons
From April 2011 to November 2017

Lead engineer User Interface at eZ Systems (Lyon, France)

eZ Systems is the editor of eZ Platform (formerly known as eZ Publish) a CMS built on top of the Symfony framework. For more than 6 years, I was part of the engineering team as Lead engineer User Interface. Main achievements:

As Lead Engineer User Interface, I managed a small team working on the administration interface, I was also involved in the feature definition with the product management team and in the technical architecture of the product.

From February 2007 to March 2011

LAMP technical expert at Smile's technical management department (Montpellier then Lyon, France)

At Smile, after being part of the team dedicated to project maintenance, I integrated the technical management department. Our main responsibilities were to help teams in the projects and to try improving processes and overall quality. The main aspect of this position involved:

  • Technical reviews of eZ Publish, Typo3 or Magento based projects
  • Technical specifications
  • Support and training
  • Software development and maintenance of LAMP web sites and applications
From April 2004 to January 2007

Software engineer / System administrator at Kaliop (Montpellier, France)

  • Development of a web application in order to manage hygiene rules within company kitchens using PHP5, MySQL, XML/XSLT, JavaScript,…
  • System administration of Windows (2000 et 2003) and GNU/Linux (Debian) servers: web, email, backup
  • Migration of an email server under Debian GNU/Linux (600 accounts, Postfix, OpenLDAP, SpamAssassin,…)
  • Web applications development

Technical expertise

Frontend technologies

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (Vanilla JS, React,…), Web Components (Polymer, Vanilla JS,…)

  • Object and functional programming
  • Programming languages: JavaScript (In browsers or server side with Node.js), PHP, Shell Script, XSLT,…
  • CMS: eZ Publish / eZ Platform, Typo3, SPIP,…
  • E-commerce: Magento
  • Frameworks: Symfony, Express, Zend Framework,…
  • Miscellaneous: Solr, git, Metalsmith, TravisCI, Github, Mocha, SinonJS, Leaflet…

MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle

System administration
  • GNU/Linux and Unix based systems (administration and daily use for more than 15 years: Debian, Ubuntu,…)
  • Apache, MySQL, Varnish, Postfix, Courier, OpenLDAP, SpamAssassin,…


2001 - 2004

Engineering degree at (École Nationale Supérieure de Sciences Appliquées et de Technologie) in Lannion (Côtes d'Armor France)
Major: Software and computer systems



Mother tongue


Professional working proficiency, daily use at eZ Systems

Spanish, German

Basic knowledge



Sports, mountain bike, table tennis, gardening/permaculture, free software, photography

Driving license