console.log('Hello world!')

Hello world! And welcome on my brand new blog. And when I write new, I mean NEW.

First, the URL is now, nothing fancy here, that's my name, and maybe, thanks to that change (and some others…), this website will be the first result in Google when searching for "Damien Pobel"!

Second, as you can see if you're not reading this text through an aggregator, there are a lot of visible changes, I hope you like it as much I'm proud of it ;-) I also removed the comments, I don't know yet if it's definitive or not.

Lastly, it's not based on eZ Publish anymore. It's built with a tool called Lectroid which is a really boring blog engine written in JavaScript by Ryan Grove. I discovered this tool while randomly browsing repositories on Github and I found it very closed to what I had in mind for a potential new blog for months now. It's also a good occasion to dive a bit more into the server side JavaScript. I will probably explain more in details in an other post why Lectroid is far less boring than what its tagline suggests. But in any case, I want to thank Ryan for publishing it on Github.

For the people interested in eZ Publish, don't worry, I will still write blog posts on this fantastic CMS. The 5.x story has just began, the next months will be interesting :-)