eZ Class Lists 0.2

eZ Class Lists 0.2 for eZ Publish is out. eZ Class Lists is very small et simple extension released under the term of the GPL that adds a tab in the administration interface where you can list objects by content class without the tree structure. It is also possible to delete or edit objects from this tab.

Change Log :

  • Bugfixes in templates (Thanks to Daniele Nocentini)
  • Bugfixes in translation
  • Javascript confirmation (can be disable in settings)
  • Move to trash checkbox (default value can be set in settings)

I also marked it as stable on projects.ez.no and in the Contribs section of eZ.no as it is very simple and I have used it since 4 months without problem. ( Note: I hope that projects.ez.no and contribs will be joined together soon, projects.ez.no is great, it only lacks a simple bug tracker and more visibility…)