eZVim is back !

And eZVim is not dead ! I've just released a new version of eZVim, the Vim plugin for eZ Publish. This version brings some new important features :

  • Quick documentation search : ALT-D on any word in a template file will search for this word in the online documentation
  • Specific syntax highlighting for eZ Publish templates instead of the Smarty one used by default (based on it by the way)
  • Specific syntax highlighting for eZ Publish ini files and overrides (instead of the dosini syntax file for *ini files and the PHP one for *.ini.append.php files)
  • The class view sidebar now depends on the eZDevtools extension instead of SmileClasses. eZDevtools is a rewrite of SmileClasses for eZ Publish 4.x. You only need it to use the class view sidebar.
    eZVim 0.2

For more (download, setup, documentation,…), please visit the project page.