GUI enhancements with admin2++ eZ Publish extension

The blog post is the continuation of Frontend performance enhancements with admin2++ eZ Publish extension published a few days ago. This one is about the additions of the admin2++ eZ Publish extension in terms of GUI and new features.

Current features provided by admin2++ extension

admin2++ extension currently provides the following features by using jQueryUI 1.8 in the new eZ Publish administration interface:

  • it improves the dashboard to be easily configurable by each user (drag'n drop of blocks, ability to remove or add blocks)
  • it adds some new dashboard blocks (System infos, Feed reader, Advanced search form)
  • it replaces View link in context menus by a Preview link that loads a preview in AJAX
  • it makes the right menu loadable in AJAX instead of requiring a page refresh when revealing it
  • it adds the ability to resize the area dedicated to preview tabs, details tabs,…
  • it improves default stylesheet (colors in popup menu and dashboard blocks, round corners on all fields, yellow background to highlight currently focused field,…)
  • it adds a date picker for ezdate and ezdatetime attribute (based on jQuery instead of the default YUI2 one)

All those new features are visible in this screencast:

Future developments

I have a lot of ideas: