How to lose weight… in the browser

Browser diet is yet another bullet list (27 items at the time of writing) of the frontend performance best practices. I like it because it is done in a fun way with some nice images (like the one above) and the content is well written while being short enough to not discourage the reader. It probably misses some categories because use for instead of each should not be at the same level as combine multiple JS files into one for instance, but still most of the content is interesting.

If you care about the user experience of your visitors/users, you should really try to apply as much as possible those practices, it is not that difficult and the results are usually very visible.

Another cool thing, the code and the content are available on Github, so if you are not fine with the content or the design, it's easy to fix the issue with a simple pull request; and yes the fully yellow background was ugly ;-)