Hello metalsmith-pdfize

Print screen, you are doing it

Yesterday I published the very first version of metalsmith-pdfize on npm (and of course on Github as well). As its name suggests, it is a Metalsmith plugin to generate PDF files as part of the build process (Metalsmith is among other things a static site generator I use to generate this website). To do so, this plugin uses Puppeteer to drive a Chrome instance in headless mode in order to export a PDF from a file generated by Metalsmith. This headless Chrome instance just loads the corresponding page (and related assets) with the print media and generates a PDF from that. It just acts as if you print the corresponding page to a PDF file with a regular Chrome instance.

I wrote this plugin for my own use so it is integrated into the build process of this website to generate a PDF version of my résumé (by the way, I'm looking for a new job ;)). So far, I'm pretty satisfied with the end result, even if at the moment, the fonts in the generated PDF files are not exactly the expected ones. I guess it is because the build happens on TravisCI where the environment is minimal, I'll have to look at that soon.