Release of admin2++ extension version 0.2 for eZ Publish 4.4

As I said on Twitter, I started again to develop the admin2++ eZ Publish extension, and the result is the release of the version 0.2. As I previously wrote in Frontend performance enhancements with admin2++ eZ Publish extension and in GUI enhancements with admin2++ eZ Publish extension, I try to reach two goals with this extension:

  • Improve the performance frontend of the admin interface
  • Provide some missing GUI features and ease the use of the admin interface

The following screencast shows most of the available features of the admin2++ extension version 0.2:

As you can see, the biggest new feature of this release is the preview available in the popup menu. Instead of loading a new page with the preview, admin2++ provides a view of the object in the front end siteaccesses without any page refresh. I also made a big work to preload as much components as possible on the login form to fill the browser's cache. With the use of the right Apache configuration, this has a great impact on the page loading time.