The new Online Editor for eZ Publish (beta)

For me it's probably one of the most expected feature in eZ Publish after the PHP5 port with eZ Publish 4 ! It's only a beta release but it looks very promising.

Online Editor MCE

It's based on TinyMCE, so Internet Explorer (including IE7 under Windows Vista), browsers based on Gecko (Firefox …), Opera and Safari are now supported and unlike the old one, there are not two code bases for two navigator families ! It's also more flexible as we can add or remove buttons and functionnalities (like an underline button). After reading the document and a small test, there is one feature I would like to see, it is the ability to easily customize the drop down list (paragraph, preformatted, headings) with others styles / tags like the style configuration in FCKEditor. It can probably be done with a Tiny MCE plugin but a simple setting in eztinymce.ini file would be a simple but very useful tool !